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My diverse background in forestry and wildlife management allows me to offer a variety of services. If you need assistance with something that is not listed here, please just ask and I am happy to assist you in any way that I can!

Timber Sales

As a consulting forester, I have the skill set to represent your best interests during a timber sale. I have specialized scientific training that guides me in selecting the proper trees to harvest while ensuring your forest continues to meet your goals. After I mark the timber for harvest, I will market it to bring the best price from Ohio's robust forest industry. Finally, I will oversee the timber harvest and make sure that the work is being done in a manner that protects your natural resources using best management practices.

Blue Ridge Firetower Lookout.JPG

Forest Management Plans

The best way for a landowner to achieve their goals is through the development of a forest management plan. I will tailor your forest management plan to your goals. If there are issues in your forest leading to a degraded condition, I will identify those issues and guide you through correcting them. I will also give you guidance on how to manage your forest to meet your specific goals, no matter what they are. Additionally, forest management plans are required for Ohio's property tax reduction programs: the Current Agricultural Use Valuation (CAUV) program and the Ohio Forest Tax Law (OFTL) program.  

Habitat Consultation

Forestry and wildlife management go hand in hand. Timber harvests are an important tool when managing for wildlife. Whether you property is wooded or not, I can help you with your habitat establishment or enhancement. I can offer consultation on both game and non-game species.

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Timber Inventory & Appraisal

Knowing the value and amount of timber on a property is sometimes necessary for a landowner. If this is a service you require, I am able to help you in determining the value of your timber. Sometimes you need this information during property transfers, during issues of timber theft, or when determining tax liability.

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Woodland Education

Woodland Education has always been important to me and it is exceedingly important to our society as a whole. We all spend too much time indoors, looking at screens. I am on the planning committee for the Ohio Forestry Association's Camp Canopy and have been involved with that camp in some capacity since 2005. Additionally, I have talked to high school FFA and biology classes about forestry. If you are interested in having me speak to your group, please ask!

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